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To restore your body mind & spirit

Holistic healing

The treatments are holistic, balancing the mind and body. Our way of working is tailor made, meeting your wishes and what is necessary for your well being. We are all unique individuals on our own path, with life experiences that influence our personal growth. 

Your process

Sharon, our certified therapist offers professional treatments, with loving care! Would you like to receive more insights in your personal process? She connects on a deep level and can guide you from awareness, healing and growth to transformation. These effects contribute to more wholeness in your life, in different ways. Also depending on your life path and personal process, as everyone is unique. 




Effects of our treatments

Improves mental an physical balance or strenght

Reconnect with your true potential with self love

Restore your energy, creativity or happiness


Insight and/or release of patterns or vague complaints



What’s will you choose on your retreat?

Energetic bodywork

Energetic bodywork
An Access Consciousness session gives space and peace for your mind and body to reconnect. On a conscious and subconscious level in are body there are thoughts, ideas, beliefs, traumas, judgements, prejudices, considerations, emotions, etc. stored as a blue print. This can become a repeating behavioral pattern in our daily lives. 

Experience your true potential
During an Access Bars® session 32 points are touched, by placing the hands on specific points on the head and body. Bodily energies start flowing. This invites your body and mind to release unnecessary stored blockages*, (Zie alinea hierboven) bringing you in a state of relaxation. This reconnects you with your true potential and the ability to attract what you desire in life. 

About energetic bodywork
By applying energetic bodywork, contact is made with unconscious blocked parts of yourself. This has a direct effect on the emotional and mental level, bringing insight and opening possibilities. An important condition for transformation is that these insights and feelings merge!

Why working with body energy is so effective
Science teaches us that every molecule consists of energy. Also the molecules in our body. When there is a disturbance in the body energy, it shows discomfort, slumbering complaints and disfunction. By placing the hands on specific points on the head and body, bodily energies are invited to start flowing. These energy processes from Access Consciousness® reactivate the body cells to function, as meant to be. Both before and after the session your are welcome to share your experiences.

Access Bars® effects

– Deeper body awareness

– Healing physical, mental and emotional processes (inner child work)

– Reduces stress and fatigue

– Improves night sleep

– Supports and prevents burnout

– Increases life energy

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Massage

In India the Ayurvedic massage is part of the daily body care. It is an entire body massage, also treating head and face and is primarily activating. When the energy of the body starts flowing, you feel more relaxt. It also has a cleansing effect and helps to release toxins out of the body, which activates vital energy. The massaging technique is quite firm (not painful). The therapeutic massage is given with a special herbal mixture. The essential oils massage is selected for a specific complaint or imbalance.

Ayurvedic massage effects

– Improves blood circulation

– Strengthens the immuun systeem

– Gives physical and mental relaxation and helps to relieve stress and  

– Strengthens and supports the nervous system and relieves related

– Stimulates functioning of vital organs

– Helps relax muscles and joints

– Reduces both mental and physical fatigue

– Helps improve eyesight

– Gives a good night sleep

– Promotes a longer life

– Makes the skin soft, supple and strong

– Contributes to a greater awareness

– Helps reduce complaints such as; back pain, neck complaints, RSI,   
  whiplash, rheuma or digestive complaints

You are unique!


Everything about you is exceptional

There is no other person like you: your appearance, character, preferences, and the life lessons you have learned and may  learn. This makes you ONE OF A KIND. 

The Indian and Tibetan life philosophy teaches why we are different from others and are therefore unique in your BEING. Why you think differently, exercise, have preferences for sports, food, seasons and much more.

Discover your pure nature

In the Vedic lifestyle consults you will receive a personal advice. Together we will research what supports you in the best way. My practical advice fits well into your daily life. As soon as you apply this, you may notice getting more energy, feeling better and better and sleeping much deeper. Recurring complaints may decrease or even disappear. Your digestive system can become stronger and you are convinced to better listen to your own signals. You can come closer to yourself, DISCOVER YOUR PURE NATURE, your uniqueness, you can make balanced choices and you will shine inside and out!

Your first wealth

is your health

Vedic Lifestyle consult

In a Vedic Lifestyle consult you get insight into the functioning of your body, your mind, your organs, minerals, vitamin balance and more. The health scan consists of two measurements; a scientifically accepted ECG measurement method (Vedapulse), to measure the autonomic nervous system based on traditional pulse diagnosis from Ayurvedic & Tibetan medicine. In addition, a measurement based on bio-impedance. Both measurements map the overall physical and mental state of health.


Become the best version of yourself

Gain clear insight in the lifestyle advice contributing your health.

What will you receive? 

  • practical and nutritional advice fitting your lifestyle
  • personal astrological advice 
  • suitable self care tips 
  • clear explanation of your inner nature


Extensive Vedic lifestyle advice

Is an extra option: receive a consult with personal astrological advice. You will get tools for developing more radiance and well being. This is a guideline for your life. The nutritional lifestyle advice consists of specific exercises, herbs and if necessary supplements to support or correct possible imbalances or deficiencies.





How can we help you?

If you have any question, please send us a message and we wil get back to you as soon as possible

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